Body Image Perceptions and Plus-sized Models ~ Krystyna Brandt

Many standards of beauty prized by our society are unattainable for a portion of the population–no matter how much they might work out, or how expensive their clothes are. These discrepancies can have real effects on a person’s health (and more than just physically, too)…

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ASK IPS: What does mental health have to do with our faith?

For years psychology and theology were like two squabbling siblings. Always ready to fight, but actually always seeking the same end. Theology’s end is the deeper meaning to life along with how to navigate life, and psychology’s is how the human being processes the world around him so that he can also navigate life…

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Jaylen Fryberg: Lonely in the Crowd ~ Charles Russell, MS

Jaylen Fryberg was a handsome, happy, popular young man who was voted Homecoming Prince just a week ago. His relationships with is immediate family, especially his father, seem very close. Jaylen also seems to have been proud of his Native

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Just What is Dementia, Anyway? ~ Krystyna Brandt

AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, 61, will not be returning to the band he helped found because he is suffering from dementia. But just what is dementia? Dementia is a nonspecific term for the combination of loss of memory and other cognitive

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Breaking the Cycle: Identifying Child Abuse & Preserving Families ~ Krystyna Brandt

Recently, professional football player Adrian Peterson was indicted on charges of negligent injury to his son, who is only 4 years old. Peterson released an emotional statement about the incident, disclosing: “I never ever intended to harm my son… I

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Domestic Abuse and Violence: Epidemic Proportions or Under the Covers? ~ Stephen H. Hamel, Ph.D., ABPP

The bubble bursts when shocking stories of famous people become public knowledge. Such is the recent case of Ray Rice, the hero professional football player for the Baltimore Ravens. Unedited, raw footage of his physical abuse of his then-girlfriend went

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Suicide Prevention Week ~ Krystyna Brandt

Did you know that, in the United States, one person completes suicide every 13 minutes? Or it’s estimated that more than 5 million people in the United States have been directly affected by a suicide? Or that 50% of all

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New Doctoral Students Join IPS Center

IPS Center is proud to welcome 9 new doctoral-level students who are beginning their training. See the Staff page to read more about them.

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IPS Center Staff to Participate in Theology on Tap

Dr. Maja Ivankovic, IPS Center Assistant Director, will speak at Theology on Tap, January 13, 2014 at 7pm in Arlington VA. Her presentation, “Balancing Mind and Spirit for the Fullness of the Christian Life”, is part of the Theology on

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IPS Center Opens It’s Doors

IPS Center is now open year-round. Advanced doctoral externs are required to complete a twelve month long practicum, and the rotation of externs takes place in the middle of July. This allows for better care of clients who are interested

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IPS Center Contact Information

2001 Jefferson Davis Hwy Suite 101 Arlington, VA 22202
703.418.2112 (Fax)
Disclaimer: please do not use e-mail for private healthcare information

IPS Center Directors

Director: Ana Buenaventure, PhD.

IPS Center Summer Hours

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