Nathan Verschaetse, M.S., Intake Coordinator
Nathan Verschaetse graduated from Winona State University with a degree in biology and also completed 2 years of philosophy and theology studies at the St. Paul Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.  His experiences in clinical pastoral work have given him an appreciation for the possibility of hope and healing.Nathan’s clinical interests include both individual and family therapy and his research interests include using the imagination in therapy, working through shame, and identity development. 

Catherine Bergmann
Catherine Bergmann graduated from Ave Maria University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a minor in Family and Society. In addition to her clinical training, Catherine has worked at a program that provides community-based services and support to adolescents and adults with autism and other severe developmental disabilities. She has also worked with women in a substance abuse recovery residential program. Her clinical interests include psychological assessment and psychotherapy with children and adult individuals specifically in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and adjustment disorders. Catherine’s academic research interests include the Happiness Gender Gap and the development of emotional intelligence in children.

Emily Fogarty

Emily Fogarty graduated from Franciscan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Communications and Minors in Film Studies and Theology. Among other experiences, Emily has worked with adolescent girls in a substance abuse recovery program and in a social skills training program for the severely developmentally disabled. Her clinical interests include psychological assessment and psychotherapy with individuals and couples specifically in the treatment of anxiety, depression, body-image distortion, identity development, overcoming shame, self-acceptance, and relational distress.

Victor Lohmann



Kaleb Long

Kaleb Long graduated from Wyoming Catholic College with a B.A. in Liberal Arts.  Over the past year, he has gained experience in the treatment of developmental disabilities (Community Support Services; Gaithersburg, MD) and substance use disorders (Phoenix House Counseling Center; Arlington, VA).  His primary clinical interests include individual and couples therapy for the treatment of depression, anxiety, relational distress, and difficult life transitions.  Kaleb’s academic research interests include attachment theory and mentalization-based techniques as well as their potential integration with Interpersonal Therapy. 

Matthew Rochefort

Matthew Rochefort graduated from Ave Maria University with a B.A. in Psychology and a Minors in Philosophy. Matthew has experience working as a Behavioral Health Technician for a residential substance abuse rehabilitation center, a residence director, and clinical experience with the treatment of developmental disabilities as well as with substance abuse and comorbid disorders. His clinical interests include working with children, anxiety disorders, depression, addictions, and various forms of severe disorders including PTSD and schizophrenia. His research interests include personality development and assessment, attachment wounds, and dreams.


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