The mission of the IPS Center at Divine Mercy University is to prepare psychology graduate students and post-graduate trainees, in the methods of psychological therapies and evaluations consistent with the Catholic view of the human person. In serving our clients, we endeavor to enhance the growth and development of persons, marriages, and families. We promote awareness and improvements in mental health through research, education, and training, with a special focus on how psychological and spiritual functioning can be mutually integrated in clinical practice in order to enhance the well being of the client.

This mission is based on the values of bringing the best principles of psychology integrated with the principles of the Catholic Faith, with an emphasis on appreciating the inherent dignity of every person and the goal of fostering true freedom from psychological or emotional difficulties

The IPS Center accomplishes its mission through direct clinical services to the clients and communities we serve, training of graduate students and post-graduate trainees, education of the public, and evaluating models of treatment:

Clinical Services

In order to accomplish its educational functions of training and supervision and at the same time serve the mental health needs of the community, the IPS Center provides mental health services to persons, who are eligible to benefit from outpatient services provided by clinical trainees, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Education and Training

The IPS Center provides education, clinical training and professional supervision to graduate students and postgraduate trainees with the aim of fostering professionalism, practicing the psychological sciences in keeping with the Catholic Church’s view of the human person, as well as deepening their understanding and ability to implement evidence based psychological therapies and evaluations across a variety of clinical scenarios.


IPS Center conducts and promotes professionalism in the area of research with an emphasis on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the model of psychological practice promoted by IPS Center, as well as supporting doctoral dissertation and faculty projects.