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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is the most common form of therapy. People come to therapy for various reasons such as difficulties with their relationships, anger issues, difficulties regulating their mood, etc. People suffering from various issues can benefit from therapy.

In keeping with the IPS Center’s mission, we believe that the individual therapeutic process not only works to improve the person alone, but to improve him or her as a member of a vibrant and loving community. Our clinicians may use a variety of therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, or Client-Centered Therapy. The purpose of therapy is not only reduce your symptoms, but to help you flourish.

Child Psychotherapy

Like adults, children can also have psychological difficulties. Some children may be sad and cry often, others may misbehave at school or at home, or have difficulties in adjusting to new environments, etc. At IPS Center, clinicians engage in a structured approach called Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) with a focus to help children resolve their difficulties. It is believed that through play, children learn about themselves, about others, and the world around them. By using a CCPT approach, clinicians are better able to understand children and help them adopt more adaptive behaviors. CCPT has been shown to be effective in restoring dysfunctional thinking and promoting cognitive development.

Clinicians at IPS Center are also trained in Filial Therapy. This is a psychoeducational model of therapy that focuses on teaching parents play therapy skills. Enabling parents to engage with their children through play, leads to closer and happier relationship between the child and the parent. Additionally, it helps to resolve their current problem and it may also prevent future difficulties.

Marital Psychotherapy

The reality that marriage is a difficult journey is no secret. While there are times of utter bliss and joy, there are also times of hardship and pain. Sometimes those pains become seemingly unbearable. When this happens marital therapy is a good option to help you and your spouse work out any differences you may have. Our clinical staff is trained to help in resolving difficulties and aiding you in enriching your marriage.

One of the most common treatment modalities used by our clinicians is Relationship Enhancement (RE), which has been proven effective in treating various marital/couple issues.

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